Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Investment Blog

Family and Friends,
After a long "holding pattern," I have finally started my investment blog. It is my attempt to share my best ideas for investing in this and the coming environments.

As many of you know, I am very bearish on the U.S. economy (and stock market) and believe very strongly that the developing world is going to be the strength of the world in this century. Britain ruled the 1800s, the U.S. the 1900s, and, I believe that China will rule the 2000s. That is not to say that the only good investments will be in China, however.

Since I enjoy reading and prognosticating about the world economy and the specific countries within it, I thought that I would be nice to share with you my viewpoints so that, hopefully, you too can benefit for the knowledge that I have been acquiring. I like to think that I maintain as neutral of viewpoint, based on what I read, about the opportunities that present themselves to the world and believe that I have had a decent record of prognosticating. Granted, I wish I would have heeded my own advice on more than a few occasions. Hopefully, this blog will push me into following through more on those opinions!

I encourage you all to read my new blog. I will work diligently to post a new, well-researched article at least every two weeks on Sundays. Please feel free to drop me any feedback, comments, and suggestions.

My 1st article is posted on the site:

"Where to Invest Now"

(The name might change, when I can think of a better one... if it does, I will post it on the blog.)

I am working on creating an intro article, but thought that a first article was more important at the moment.

Best wishes to all!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Zeitgeist: The Movie

During a conversation last week with my great friend Nick Marino, it was suggested to me after a long discussion about world politics and how to save the world that I should watch the Zeitgeist movies. I was told to view the film with an open mind and to draw my conclusions only after watching the film in its entirety.

Nick stated that the film was created in a non-partisan mindset, taking only facts into account, and that it would open my mind to alternative viewpoints on how the world operates. Knowing that I am not a fan of propaganda, my friend assured me that I would appreciate the film.

He could not have been more correct. Zeitgeist: The Movie absolutely took my breath away. In fact, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the film and would put it at the top of my list of one of the most important films of all-time.

I firmly believe that the two hours spent watching the film to be one of the most worthwhile experiences one can make. I would urge everyone to view the film with an open mind, take all of its suggestions into account, and draw one's own conclusion after viewing it in its entirety.

It is my hope that this film stirs your curiosity and search for the truth in all things that you encounter throughout your daily life. I have found with my maturation that the most powerful question you can ask is "why?" If one continues to ask "why" long enough, one will find the true answer that one seeks. Whether it be in anything involved in this film or not.

As for my feelings on this film, I am not advocating that what this film suggests is the truth, merely hope that you maintain an open mind while viewing it.

In fact, maintaining an open mind and questioning everything are probably two of the most significant actions that we can take as human beings.

Try this exercise sometime:
The next time you are talking to someone, anyone, and you do not understand their viewpoint or reasoning-- it could be political, a bill from a doctor... anything-- ask that person "why?" Listen intently to their viewpoint and then ask them "why" again. And then repeat step 2 again.

My guess is that after the 3rd "why" you will get find the truth that you seek. You see, most people are not programmed to search for the reason as to why something is so-- they are just told "that's the way it is..."

Please do not be afraid to ask questions. Curiosity is humankind's most powerful liberator.

Please do yourself a favor and take the time to watch the Zeitgeist movies at