Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Journey Begins...

I arrived in Europe on Saturday, January 27th to the awaiting arms of my good friend Micha Edlich at the Frankfurt airport. The first stop? The Eisgrub Brauerei for Frühstück and Bier-- on-going Mainzer Tradition. Natürlich!

It had been more than three years since I had been to Mainz-- hard to fathom-- and many things had changed since I had last been there, like the Südbahnhof being completely rebuilt (and being renamed Mainz Römisches Theater, after an ancient Roman Theater was found nearby during the rebuilding process) , but alas there is still one thing we could count on... the Qualität of the Eisgrub breakfast and brew!

Trust me, there aren't many places in Mainz, or Northern Europe for that matter, where one can find a great breakfast for less than $5, let alone an all you can eat buffet-- and cheap, outstanding beer to boot! Hence, a Mainz tradition, started in 1998 with my good friend, Jörg Matthes, and is being continued to this day with Micha!

Sufficed to say, Micha and I had been awaiting for this moment since I decided more than six months ago to stopover in Europe before traveling to Nepal and India, and the Eisgrub did not disappoint! Wow-- did I forget just how good the Eisgrub's crisp, delicious beer tastes after filling one's Bauch with warm german bread and butter, scrambled and hard boiled eggs, and sausage! A small touch of heaven on earth and, thus, HIGHLY recommended! (Don't be surprised if I try to convince Eisgrub to allow me to open up a franchise Stateside! :o) ) (Eisgrub Rundgang = photos)

Having etched a near permanent smile on our stomachs, Micha and I were off to his parents new apartment in Finthen, a suburb five minutes outside of Mainz, for a little R&R for yours truly.

After catching some z's, Micha and I were off to Mainz with my bags in tow to a local cafe for dinner and drinks before catching the 11:45pm train to Copenhagen via Hamburg...

Brauerei - brewery
Frühstück - breakfast
Bier - beer
natürlich- naturally
Südbahnhof - south train station (near the Eisgrub Brauerei)
Qualität - quality
Bauch - stomach


Nico said...

alright alright, he quits his job, he leaves home and family behind for who knows how long and he goes astray starting the trip getting drunk AT BREAKFAST and touring European "brauereien"!! This is sooo NOT what I taught you to do my dimi!!! hahahaha
I hope you develope into a dry-celibate-puritanical traveler in the coming weeks .....hahahah

Prince Dimitri I of Santorini

Holly said...

if only were were all lucky enough to quit our jobs and travel! i am SO jealous!

Anonymous said...

Hey CJ, I am so glad I got to see you during this first part of your journey. I am really looking forward to reading about your adventures in Asia and the rest of the world in the coming months. Take care of yourself!


Anonymous said...


I'm so happy for you. Have a great time and I'll be reading your blog.


BillBow Baggins said...

So glad Siege-Hund honored us with a visit to La Roche. This trip is going to be (and pardon my French) so fuchhhhhhhhking good.


Anonymous said...
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