Monday, March 19, 2007

Kathmandu- My Second Tour

After Steve and my trip down the Bhote Kosi, I took a few days to relax in Kathmandu to rest my still aching knee (from Langtang), but also to just chill out and be alone for a while. Sometimes it's best to just get away from the crowds and concentrate on what you need.

Steve and Carolyn decided to trek the Annapurna Sanctuary together. I was invited to come along, especially since Steve and I wanted to trek the Annapurna Range together, but I opted not to come along, as I wanted to trek the Annapurna Circuit first then the Sanctuary. I also needed a break from the action for a while, as mentioned above.

Here are a few photos that I snapped during my few days in Kathmandu.

Steve and Carolyn enjoying each other's company before their trip to the Annapurna Sanctuary.

Can it really be an eagle in Kathmandu? Yes, it is-- a golden eagle to be exact!

This photo was taken from Les Yeux, Steve and my favorite rooftop restaurant.

Steve, Carolyn, and I decided to go to Swayambhunath Temple (better known as the Monkey Temple-- for obvious reasons).

Here is one of the local inhabitants at the entrance to the stupa.

The stairs going toward the temple.

Taking it easy.

Monkey business.

The small climb through the front entrance-- 100 rps fee.

(I later found out that there is a back entrance-- the cost of admission? Free.)

The stupa.

The face of the Buddha at sunset.

A family outing?

A view of Kathmandu from the temple.

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