Monday, March 2, 2009

"The Best Job in The World"

After pulling my first all-nighter in years, this is the video submission that I completed for "The Best Job in The World," an all expenses, six month job on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef that happens to pay $150,000 Australian Dollars or about $95,000 USD.

Unfortunately, I was unable to submit my application on-time, due to some last-minute production issues that inevitably come from using software for the first-time. However, I pushed through anyway and this is the final video that I completed (and still sent for admission to the Australian Board of Tourism anyway-- it never hurts to try!). I hope you enjoy it!

Eric Roediger, thank you sooo much for being patient with my nativity and for answering all of my questions for me. I appreciate all of the ideas and solutions that you provided me with and for giving me the confidence to use a product that I knew little about and, in the end, being able to come up with this end result. Although I didn't use any of the lighting techniques we discussed, I am very proud of this video and know that this project has created the desire to do even more with video in the future. Thank you for inspiring me!

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