Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shine A Light - Please Help A Friend

Family and friends,
Please help my friend Michelle and her business partner out by showing your support for their innovative idea in a national contest for small businesses-- Shine A Light. The concept is a simple but outstanding one-- artists as babysitters.

Rather than having your children sit around all day watching TV or playing video games, why not have an artist watch your children so that they can build their imagination and creative skills?

According to renowned and best seller author Daniel Pink (A Whole New Mind, Free Agent Nation and the first American business book in manga, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko), the most successful jobs in the 21st century will be ones that focus on right-brain activity-- it's very difficult to outsource creative-based thinking jobs.

Sitters Studio currently operates in New York and Chicago. The company plans to expand into L.A. in 2010 and has aspirations to develop smaller markets in the U.S. and, eventually, grow internationally.

Voting ends Sept. 13th-- vote today for Sitters Studio at Shine A Light!

Thanks in advance for your vote!

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