Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Snow Leopard - Worth Every Penny of $29 + Tax

Gas money for a trip to the mall: $0.58.

A copy of the Snow Leopard OS X from the Apple Store: $29.

8+GB of free HD space & faster, cleaner operation after plucking my eyebrows out during the simple one hour installation time for having to pay 10.5% in sales tax: Priceless.

Although I've only had Snow Leopard for just a few hours, I highly recommend it to anyone using the Apple 10.5 OS X!

Here are some articles on the benefits and ease of installation of Snow Leopard, as well as the link to the Apple Snow Leopard site.

B&H Video in NYC issued this review of Snow Leopard.

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BillBow Baggins said...

Sounds like an awesome idea. My parents used to just leave locked in a closet with a bowl of water. I could've used a service like this.