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Illinois Primary- February 2, 2010

Illinois holds its primaries on Tuesday, February 2nd and as someone who is wholeheartedly upset at the path that my nation has decided to walk down, this is the first year in which I have actively participated in a campaign.  Taking my civic duty extremely seriously this election season, I have gone out of my way to vet the candidates eligible in the Illinois 10th Congressional District and then actively promote and work on their behalf.  As someone who has voted independent of party lines in the past, having written in the names candidates that I preferred to those on the ballot (Ron Paul in 2009, for instance), this is oddly strange to me but very satisfying.  I am hopeful that the candidates that I have supported and worked for will win on Tuesday and am confident that they are the right people for their respective and prospective positions.

Being fully aware that others might not be completely up to speed on the candidates in the Republican primary, I have decided to post my selections for February 2nd below.  So without further adieu, I would like to introduce to you the candidates that I am backing for the Republican ticket in November for Illinois 10th Congressional District.


U.S. Senate- Patrick Hughes WTTW interview
  • The only truly Republican candidate to vote for as our senator.  
  • Mark Kirk won't even debate Hughes, as Hughes would destroy his liberal voting record.  Kirk said that he is a "capitalist first" yet voted FOR cap and trade-- the largest tax bill in U.S. history.
  • Hughes formed a group to attack Governor Quinn's tax increase last year and defeated it successfully.
  • While answering one of my questions during a recent panel at a senior center about his lack of voting record during recent Republican primaries, Hughes looked me straight in the eye and without flinching told me that "it is a learning experience" and that their weren't many conservative candidates during that time period as well.  His response, while not exactly what I had hoped, seemed honest to me.
  • I believe that he is genuinely running in order to create good for the nation, not for himself.

Governor- Dan Proft  -  WTTW interview
  •  I had never heard of Dan Proft until I watched the Illinois Republican Gubernatorial debate on WTTW but after listening to all of the candidates, it was abundantly clear that Mr. Proft was the only candidate that I was willing to consider for governor.
  • Amid all of the insider bickering and backstabbing, Dan was the only candidate that stuck to the issues and who actually had a plan for reform the state, not to mention the fact that he has a private business background to go along with it.
  • After seeing Mr. Proft speak in person and meeting him personally, I feel confident that he remains pure to his word.  A political outsider willing to jump in the ring with the wolves and tame the pack in Springfield.

Lt. Governor- Jason Plummer
  • While reading candidate profiles late one night, I stumbled onto Mr. Plummer's and liked what I read... until I saw his age-- 27.  Then I saw him speak in person.
  • Jason is quite possibly the most mature 27 year old that I have seen and has more real world experience than most people twice his age.
  • Jason's family runs a lumber company; Jason worked at the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C, a conservative think tank; and he appears to have the right combination of being a Springfield outsider, coupled with passion for public work and a desire to help Illinois regain its national status.

Comptroller- Jim Dodge  -  WTTW Interview
  •  Dodge is the only candidate with a finance background.   That is important when you're overseeing the state's checks.
  •  He appears to genuinely be a nice person as well, based on seeing him speak in person.

10th Congressional District U.S. Representative- Arie Friedman
  • This was the toughest calls for me of all of the candidates listed above.
  • While there is no doubt that Mr. Friedman has a firm grasp on the nation's medical issues-- he's an accomplished doctor-- I question Arie's financial acumen.  Then again, Dr. Ron Paul has made a fantastic Congressman for years and has led true reform.
  • All of the other candidates are either completely unqualified, are a political insider or a friend of Mark Kirk.
  • Having seen Mr. Friedman speak in person, I think that he could just be a rough diamond needing to be polished.  It appears his head is firmly on his shoulders and would be a great asset on our behalf against a diabolical Congress, hell bent on doing anything but reforming our nation's health care system. 

Online Research: 
Cook, McCarthy Vacancy- Maureen Masterson Pulia
Cook County Board President- Roger Keats
Cook County Board 14th District- Gregg Goslin
Cook County 1st District Board of Review- Dan Patlak

Taking part in the election process is one of the most important civic duties that a citizen can participate in, and while I realize that many might not agree with my selections, I hope that you would consider them while deciding which candidates peak your interest.

Thanks everyone!  Happy election day!


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