Monday, May 10, 2010

The World Markets are Beginning to Smolder

Hello everyone!

I haven't been in touch for a while now, I know, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the global economies, markets and, worse, currencies are beginning to smolder and are currently sending up plumbs of smoke, not unlike that of Glacier Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland just a few weeks ago.  

The crisis in Greece brought my attention to the fact that I had better finish writing the investment thesis I started a few months ago before all of my work went to pot, as the saying goes.  Therefore, I began publishing my thesis in parts, rather than one gigantic article, on my website Common-Sense-Investing just a few days ago.  I just concluded writing the second part of the article over the weekend and will be posting the third segment this week.  

I invite you to take a look at these articles, as I have tried to pack as much historical information in them as possible prior to giving my own detailed thesis so that you can better understand why I believe the way that I do and, in turn, learn more about the U.S. banking system than probably 99% of the population living here.  

Information brings knowledge; knowledge brings understanding; understanding combined with experience brings wisdom.  Unfortunately, most Americans, including myself, have relied on others, namely the media, to inform us of the world and what we should know about it for much too long.  They have failed us dramatically, as the last crisis pointed out.  Now is the time for the citizens of the world to use the power of the Internet and all of the information on it to start informing themselves and making decisions on their own.

In my opinion, we are on the prefaces of a global financial meltdown of epic proportions.  My website, Common-Sense-Investing, is my little contribution to try to inform as many people as I know of our precarious situation so that they can protect themselves during the coming turbulent times.  I do not expect anyone to implement my suggestions on the site without first informing themselves, but I will be implementing them personally, as I believe my hypothesis to be correct.  

If nothing else, I urge you to please read over my first two articles so that you can learn as much about the U.S financial industry and our current situation.  It is important for your own financial survival.

Thank you and God Bless!

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